Quick Snaps! Vol. 3 [G35 x Stich Gulf]

Here's a brand new volume to the "Quick Snaps!" segment of the blog...Usually I just have my phone with me for these shots, but this time I was prepared and had my camera with me, so these shots are a little better than usual. The subject this time is a gorgeous G35 on rare Stich... Continue Reading →

Garage Mak Z33 [2014 Edition]

I first posted about the Garage Mak Z33 two years ago when it was a little more "subtle," and a little less known. Now, they're a powerhouse tuning shop known by many worldwide, and their cars, especially the Z33, is a true testament of their abilities. Original 2012 post here ---> https://momohitsthespot.com/2012/04/22/garage-mak-z33/ Photos via MINKARA

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