Triple Team

Saw this wonderful set of photos online today and thought I'd share them here. These 3 IS' looks absolutely stunning, and the quality of the photos are definitely top-notch! Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR

Redefining JDM: Chris Shuemake’s RHD Bugeye

So, as the title suggests, I had the pleasure and opportunity to shoot this immaculate RHD Bugeye over the Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately the sun was glaring down on us pretty hard, so I had to make due with the lighting that we had. But the shoot came out good, so I'm happy with the... Continue Reading →

Simply Delectable Evo

Saw these photos get posted up on the forum the other day, so I thought I'd share them here...This Evo is so simple but perfect at the same time. Those NT03+s sets the car off so nicely! Photos via EVOLUTIONM.NET/FLICKR

White Noise

Saw these rolling shots of a beautiful Evo today, and thought I'd share them here with you guys. Photo via EVOLUTIONM.NET, Sterno Photography

Ridiculously Good

If you are a car enthusiast who browse automotive blogs on a regular basis, then most likely you've seen a pic or two of this gorgeous S2K. Well, if you haven't, here are a few fresh shots with the brand new J's Racing fenders! Photos by Gawa Photo via FLICKR

JDM Infused S2K

The title pretty much gives away what this S2k is all about. JDM everything! I know I've been mentioning certain 'favorite' cars of mine, and this S2k is definitely on top of my 'favorites' list. This car has recently got a face lift in a Voltex front bumper which sets the car off to a... Continue Reading →

S2K Brilliance

My buddy Jeff Wu's super clean S2k at a recent meet in Milpitas, CA. JDM all over, nuff said. Photos by Paul Lee

Little Red E36 That Could

I'm a huge fan of M3s in general, and this E36 is as good as about any E36s can get. This car is absolutely fantastic! And as cars get older, it gets harder and harder to fine cleanly modified examples, so seeing an E36 as clean as this is a breath of fresh air. Photos... Continue Reading →

Stanced Z3 Coupe

It's not often that you see a Z3 coupe, let alone a super clean one such as this. Those CCW Classics looks absolutely perfect on this car! Photos via

Orange Perfection

I'm sure we can all agree that an NSX already looks great from the factory, but like all good things, there's always room for improvement. Add a Sorcery widebody, Work Meister S1 and other JDM bits, an NSX can go from good to spectacular. Photos by Dylan King Photography via FLICKR

Serious Civic is Serious

Voltex spoiler, Advan RG-Ds on race rubber, and 440whp; these are some things that you wouldn't expect to see in a four door 6th Gen Civic. Well there's always an exception to everything... Photos by Wilken Sang via FLICKR

NISMO Everything

I seem to always have a soft spot for GTRs and this Bayside Blue R34 hits the spot just right. I guess the plethora of Nismo products plays a big part on the stunning appearance of this R34. Photos by A.L. Photography via FLICKR

Zesty Dakar Yellow E90

Saw this absolutely jaw-dropping supercharged Dakar Yellow E90 on the forums today, and I had to share it here with you guys. This stunning E90 is rocking a set of gorgeous BBS FI wheels, with exterior pieces from Vorsteiner, Varis, and other notable companies. But the real beauty of this car, to me at least,... Continue Reading →

Well Evolved

Stumbled upon this sexy Evo X on the forums today, and as always, sharing is caring. I absolutely love the WedsSport SA60M wheels and Voltex bits on this car. Photos via

Killer Hawkeye

This Hawkeye STi is one of the simplest and cleanest one I've seen in awhile. I know some of you guys are not into to whole stanced Evos and STis but I think this one pulls off the look quite nicely. Photos by Zach Zadoo Photography via FLICKR

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