Killin’ It

Killin' it - A car that makes you look twice because it's absolute perfection. This S2k is perfection. Photos via S2ki

Stance Works!

I know 'stance' is one of those preferences that are not appreciated by many car enthusiasts out there, but here at MoMoHitsTheSpot!, I show appreciation for all types of modifications as long as they're done cleanly, and with authenticity in mind. So, this S2k slammed on Work VS-KF wheels fits the bill just right. Photos... Continue Reading →

In ‘V-Spec’ We Trust

You guys know how much I LOVE GTRs especially a beautifully modded one like this one below. I love everything about this R35 but the real kicker for me is that blinging set of Advan GT wheels that complements the car so nicely. Photos by R Design AUS / FLICKR

JDM As F**k

I'm gonna be the first to say that you guys don't really see me post up photos of Civics in general, unless they're JDM as f**k. Case in point this Civic EK you see below. It's got all the JDM fixings that I love, all the way down to those lovely bronze CE28 wrapped in... Continue Reading →

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