808’s Finest

This 240SX below is definitely one of the sickest, if not THE sickest 240 out in Hawaii. The mod list to this beauty is endless, but some notable parts include the ultra wide BN Sports Blister kit, which is still unable to tuck in those 18x10.5 -27 front, and 18x12.5 -19 rear set of 3pc... Continue Reading →

Miata Down-unda

Here's a super clean Miata shot my one of my favorite photographer from the land down-under. Just by looking this set, you can tell a simple set of authentic wheels and a nice stance can go a long ways for any car. Photos by Vyet Le

Super Lemon S2k [Round 2]

I'm gonna keep this short since I've posted pictures of this car up before. This is one of my favorite S2000s at the moment, and here is a brand new shoot of it. Nothing's change much since the last time we saw it but nothing really has to change since it looks clean as f**k... Continue Reading →

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