Dress Code Enforced

The criteria for this shoot is you must be white, E9X M3, and also equipped with BBS LMs. If you don't meet any of that, GTFO. Photos by Thai Dao

Simplicity Triumphs

I'm sure we've all heard of the term, 'less is more', well that is certainly the case with this immaculate TSX out in New York. This car is not rockin' some crazy low offset wheels, super aggressive aero, carbon everywhere, or some colorful paint job. This TSX keeps things simple with an authentic Mugen front... Continue Reading →

Smiley S2K

Judging by the title, I'm sure you know what car this post is focused on. When you look at this S2000, you probably wouldn't find anything spectacular about it...But I think this car has a sort of elegant, simplicity to it that really drew my attention. I'm loving the combination of the gunmetal Advan RZs... Continue Reading →

Simply Fitted M

In the world of tuning and car modifications, simplicity is sometimes the best recipe. Take a look at this E46 M3 for example, there's really not much modifications done to it, a set of Work XD9, coilovers, and small aesthetic pieces. But how these mods are put together is what makes this car standout, at... Continue Reading →

Classic White

CCW Classics has garnered a cult-like following in recent years, and a great example of why can be seen in this stanced E36 M3! It's just a drop dead gorgeous wheel! Photos by Sid Titus

Good Evening

White Work XD-9s have been extremely popular amongst the Subaru community as of late. And I can't blame them, they do look mighty fine especially in an aggressive size and offsets. Photos by Sid Titus

Simply Clean S15

I think Nissan did an absolutely fantastic job on the design of the Silvia S15. Unlike the boxy S13, and the dated S14, the S15 carries a sleek body line that rivals the new cars of today. That's why I think a stock bodied S15 with a nice stance and wheels is sufficient enough to... Continue Reading →


As a car enthusiast, I'm sure many of you have come upon a car that literally blew your mind and left you speechless. A car so perfect, that nothing needs to be changed and nothing more needs to be added. For me, this Vertex Ridge kitted S15 on Volk TE37SL is my 'Perfection'. Photos by... Continue Reading →

Bland?? Hardly…..

These shots were done several months ago, so they are not new new, but they are nothing short of epicness. Remember to click on the images for full size.....you would want to. lol BTW, last shot is wallpaper size! Enjoy. Photos courtesy of Webb Bland. You can check out more of his work at notbland.com

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