I was browsing on the forums and stumbled upon this beautiful Championship White NSX on some aggressive Work VS-XX. I'm liking the color scheme as well.....pretty much mirrors my car ;D

Teal VS-XX On NFR S2k…..FIRE.

I know there will be a lot of people disagreeing with me because this color combo is definitely out of the norm. But I absolutely LOVE IT! .....Besides the overbearing amount of stickers of course..... The fitment and fender roll/pull, is nicely done, not some half ass hack job, and the teal is just screaming... Continue Reading →

Fat Lips

This Zenki 240sx is rockin' some polished Work VS-XX with some MAJOR lippage! I absolutely love the stance. Sizes are 18x9 -12 on the fronts, and 18x10 -5 on the rears.

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