Spoon Sports Honda S2000 @ GTA Super Lap Battle 2018

After having attended about a dozen or so time attack events here in the U.S. over the years (mainly at Buttonwillow), I realized that there's a handful of teams or shops that always show up with car(s) that are both well tuned and aesthetically pleasing. Some of these teams include Evasive Motorsports, Snail Performance, Go... Continue Reading →

Spooned Out TSX

I gotta admit, I had a little difficulty identifying the aero package on this TSX because there's simply not a lot of TSX's out there rocking this kit. And what kit is this you ask????? It's none other than the track proven Spoon Sports' S-Tai aero package! Photos by Kazumichi Inagawa

Mix N’ Match

This is a prime example of making multiple aftermarket brands work. This S2000.....yes.....surprise, surprise..another S2k in my blog lol...has a mixture of parts from different manufacturers that flows very well. From the J's Racing front bumper and side skirts, to the Mugen hardtop, the ASM style rear bumper, to the Spoon rear diffuser. Everything on... Continue Reading →

Double J’s

Here's a pair of nicely done up J's Racing S2000s from Toronto. I know, I know, I'm sure most of you are tired of seeing S2000s lol, but can you really blame me? ;D


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