Subie Game Strong

This is definitely one of my favorite Subie at the moment. I just love that it's aggressive but not over the top, just a perfect street car in my eyes. Some of my favorite things about this car are the Work Meisters, the Karlton Flares, and that crazy modified stock bumper! MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive Blue on... Continue Reading →

A Stunning S203

When it comes to exclusivity, the Subaru "S-series" is some of the rarest around; with only a few hundred produced for each version dating back to the S201. So coming across one of these cars is pretty difficult to say the least and to find one that's tweaked out even beyond the factory specs is... Continue Reading →

AWD Street Scraper

People have different preferences when it comes to ride height. There's the leave it as-is stock height; then there's the mild drops; followed by the 1 and 2 finger gap drops; then comes the slammed drops; and the 'on its nuts' drops; and finally, the 'scraper' drops. I and my friends usually refer to the... Continue Reading →

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