808’s Finest

This 240SX below is definitely one of the sickest, if not THE sickest 240 out in Hawaii. The mod list to this beauty is endless, but some notable parts include the ultra wide BN Sports Blister kit, which is still unable to tuck in those 18x10.5 -27 front, and 18x12.5 -19 rear set of 3pc... Continue Reading →

Silvia Duo

Lightning struck twice in these two beautiful Silvias. These beauties are both rockin' sleek Vertex aero, and killer stances that leaves you drooling. The S15 is equipped with an aggressive set of AME Tracer Spec-M wheels, while the S14 is rollin' on equally aggressive BBS RS wheels. The only main difference between the two lies... Continue Reading →

Proper Silvia

No zip-ties, no cracked body panels, no fake parts.....this street driven S14 is as real and clean as they get. It's rocking a host of balling JDM parts, which includes an authentic GP Sports kit, Volk Racing G10 wheels and of course, the iconic, Project Mu BBKs.

Holy Stance! S13 Style

This car is one that you'd probably didn't expect to find on this blog, but the workmanship and flawless body work has definitely caught my attention. Not to mention those FAT LIPS! I bet you'll have a hard time finding a S13 as clean and tidy as this! Photos by Ricky Deng

Wider Down Under

It's very unfortunate that the Nissan Silvia S15 was never imported into the U.S., but there are many parts of the world, who did not suffer from our misfortune. One of them is the country down under, Australia. Many Aussies have some sort of exposure to the tuning scene, and Japanese tuning has been extremely... Continue Reading →

The Dopest Sil80

This candy orange Sil80 is in front and center of the May 2011 issue of Import Tuner. Sitting on 18x10 -3 and a whopping 18x13 +4 offsets Work Equips, how can you not like this thing! Photos by Warren Shimquee


As a car enthusiast, I'm sure many of you have come upon a car that literally blew your mind and left you speechless. A car so perfect, that nothing needs to be changed and nothing more needs to be added. For me, this Vertex Ridge kitted S15 on Volk TE37SL is my 'Perfection'. Photos by... Continue Reading →

Falling In Love With Silvia

Words can not describe how beautiful this car is. At least to me...I will hands down say that this is the most beautiful Silvia, whether it's a S12, S13, S14, or S15, that I've ever laid eyes on. I've been waiting for someone to do an article or feature of this car for some time... Continue Reading →

KA-T Powaaaaahhh

Another beautiful 240sx for you guys to feast your eyes on. Although not as clean as the previous LS2 S13 that I posted, this one is a bit unique in that it opted not to go with a SR20 swap, but instead retaining the original KA24 power plant. But this is no ordinary sluggish KA...oh... Continue Reading →

Cleanest S13…..Ever.

Yup, I said it. This is probably the cleanest Nissan S13 that you will ever lay eyes on. Those of you who knows me personally, knows how much I dislike domestic cars, and domestic engine swaps to Japanese or Euro spec vehicles are no exception.....until now. I have sworn that I would not blog about... Continue Reading →

Barney S15

I've never been a big fan of Barney even as a kid......and that purple and yellowish green color isn't very appealing...that is.....until now.


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