Lady In Red

Godzilla draped in Scuderia Red..... Bonus Shot.......Super Trofeo!


Who’s Faster?

Can you guess??? I'll update with the winner later today or in a few days...

Stallions By The Beach

You know I wasn't joking about the title right? A few days ago, I posted the 599XX by the beach.....well, this is something similar lol..... Photo by Jason Thorgalsen Photography

Bland?? Hardly…..

These shots were done several months ago, so they are not new new, but they are nothing short of epicness. Remember to click on the images for full would want to. lol BTW, last shot is wallpaper size! Enjoy. Photos courtesy of Webb Bland. You can check out more of his work at


Super Veloce Racing's Lamborghini LP5.....uhh.....I mean Ferrari F4.....wait......WTF is this shit!!?????? Yeah...this is not working for's a Ferrari trying too hard to be a Lambo.....shit just don't go...

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