Rise Up!

Garage Rise Up GTR looking stunning with WedsSport SA55M wheels. Photos via MINKARA

SA55M x Crown Athlete

Well here's something you don't see everyday...a beautiful Crown Athlete on super aggressive WedsSport SA55M wheels. Sometimes I wish the Japanese would send more top-of-the-line/special models to the States. Photos via FLICKR

Quest For Gold

I know I've always said that I prefer a simple and cleanly modded car, but once in awhile I like to throw in a little curve ball on the blog, like this very special street driven 350Z. When I first saw photos of this Z on the forums yesterday, I knew I had to make... Continue Reading →

Properly Evolved

WedsSport SA55M and Evolution X, a combo that never gets old in my eyes. But this Evo takes it up a notch by rocking the Black Blue Machining (BBM) finish! Photos by Alex Ching

WedsSport SA55m Equipped 350z…..SC Included

Continuing with the "New wheels of 2010" theme.....here's a supercharged 350z equipped with the very popular WedsSport SA55m in a blue/black machining finish, that made its debut on U.S. shores early this year. The similar SA60m model is now available for pre-orders, and will be available worldwide early next year. So, don't hesitate to be... Continue Reading →

Voltex STi, Street Spec

This is member STiyiyi's beautifully aggressive STi. It's rockin' some brand new 18x10 +18 WedsSport SA55m in the BRM (Black Red Machining) finish, and a full arsenal of Voltex aero pieces. I am absolutely in LOVE with these wheels......the finish, and the sizing is just perfect! One down side to this car, however, are the... Continue Reading →

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