Blacked Out; Stanced Out

Absolutely love this blacked out, Redbull sponsored RX8 from Japan. And I think both the black and polished Work Kiwamis look equally well on the car. Photos by Yoshitaka Kato via FLICKR

White Gold

White cars on gold wheels have definitely been one of my favorite combo of all time. So, seeing this white RX8 on Advan TCIIs most certainly brings a smile to my face. Photos via MINKARA

Crazy 8

Unlike the title suggests, this TE37v rocking RX8 is more clean than crazy. But none the less, all it matters is this car looks good!!! Photos by Kiyo

Mr. Clean

Have you ever seen a car that just leaves your jaw dropped? Well, this RX8 will definitely leave your jaw dropped. This is quite possibly the cleanest RX8 on the planet. Ings +1 aero, BBS LM, perfect fitment, perfect stance, need I say, perfect everything... Photos by Matt Salgado

RE30 x RX8 : That Right Stance

A lot of people out there will argue that the stretched, and cambered ways of the HellaFlush movement is dumb or stupid. They may be right in a performance standpoint, but people have to realize that most of the HellaFlush crowd is only going for the cosmetic and hard-parked look, which they achieve very well... Continue Reading →

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