JDM As F**k

I'm gonna be the first to say that you guys don't really see me post up photos of Civics in general, unless they're JDM as f**k. Case in point this Civic EK you see below. It's got all the JDM fixings that I love, all the way down to those lovely bronze CE28 wrapped in... Continue Reading →

The Big Kahuna

The whole package. In the tuning world, this pretty much means a car has the good looks and the go-fast bits to go with it. Well, this black on black Supra below has all that...and then some. It's got that iconic Top Secret exterior, upgraded twin-turbo setup and those BBS LMs...yummmmmm...and did I mention this... Continue Reading →

Surisly JDM Subie

Here's another MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive feature of a very special Subaru. This bug-eye WRX below is actually owned by a friend of mine but the special thing about this car is that all work was done by the owner himself, including the RHD conversion. That's right, this is a RHD subie, and with all the right... Continue Reading →

‘Real EK9’

This is as real as it gets. A legit, legalized Civic Type R rocking a set of Mugen MF10s; what a classic combo! In America, this car is quite possibly every Honda lovers' dream car. Photos by Corey Stover

‘RHD ITR’ + K20 Turbooooo!

If you are a Honda enthusiast, then most likely you will drool over this car one way or another. Not only is this Integra a prestigious JDM RHD Type R model, it's also K20 swapped. However, some might argue that a Type R should be left to its original specs, but the K20 is a... Continue Reading →

Fan Favorite

The Skyline R34 GTR. I'm sure all of us has wished at some point in our lives to have the privilege of owning THE Godzilla of all Godzillas. But unfortunately for most of us in the United States, we will most likely not be able to get our hands or even just our ass in... Continue Reading →

Grey Scale GTR

There are certain cars in the world that can age better than others, and then there are cars that were more technologically advance than others. For the Nissan GTR, it's got the best of everything, the looks, the power, and most importantly, the technologically advance 4wd drivetrain. And to find a nicely modded one is... Continue Reading →

The Lost Type R

The Integra Type R.....used to be and still a pinnacle of FWD tuning. It's limited production numbers and incredible performance value makes the Type R a highly sought-after car in all markets of the world. In America, only the coupe version was imported, so many forget that the Type R has a 4 door counterpart... Continue Reading →

100% JDM.

Another awesome set of photos from John Zhang of 1013mm of this rare gem. A 100% street-legal RHD Supra.

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