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Proper Subie Revisited

I’ve posted pics of this beautiful GRB before, but I thought I would be nice to showcase this ride one more time. Here are some fresh shots of the beast.

Photos by Kenny Williams


Spoolin’ STi

Powerful, beautiful, sleek…when you put these three adjectives together, would a station wagon come to mind? Probably not. Unless you’re talking about a GRB STi, and this STi below has got the beauty, and enough power to alter the Earth’s rotation. Sitting pretty on a set of matte black RG-Ds, this Subie’s mild exterior kinda camouflages what hides underneath the hood, a Blouch Performance upgraded setup. A setup enough to pull upwards of 400++ HP!

Photos by Kenny Williams

Varis Equipped GRB

Big thanks to one of my good friend for linking me to pics of this absolutely amazing Subaru. This GRB is rocking some real baller parts if you take a look at the pictures. Like the title said, this car is equipped with a full Varis kit, along with a set of flat black Advan RG-Ds, Voltex rear spoiler, and a host of other goodies.

Photos by Spyder01 Photography