Tokyo Encounter: A Blackened R33

While on my last trip to Japan, my friends and I made plans to head over to Odaiba and check out the life-sized Gundam that's on display. Coincidentally, that weekend was also D1GP so it made for a perfect opportunity to do some car spotting while we were there and boy was there some pretty... Continue Reading →

One Word: Skyline

Here's a nice little gathering of the three most iconic generations of Nissan's Skyline GTRs. The R32, 33, and 34. Photos by Alan Luy

Face Lift

I must say, an R33 is definitely a great looking car, but it does show its age a lot more than its successor, the R34. So, what better way is there to make an R33 look newer, yet still stay true to its refined body lines, than convert it to an R33.4! Photos by Tom... Continue Reading →

Grey Scale GTR

There are certain cars in the world that can age better than others, and then there are cars that were more technologically advance than others. For the Nissan GTR, it's got the best of everything, the looks, the power, and most importantly, the technologically advance 4wd drivetrain. And to find a nicely modded one is... Continue Reading →

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