Crazy Legacy

Well this is definitely one of the more aggressively modded Legacies I've seen, and some might argue on its looks, but as far as functionality goes, I think we have ourselves a winner! Photos via MINKARA

Simply Delectable Evo

Saw these photos get posted up on the forum the other day, so I thought I'd share them here...This Evo is so simple but perfect at the same time. Those NT03+s sets the car off so nicely! Photos via EVOLUTIONM.NET/FLICKR

Baddest Boxer Of Them All

You all should be pretty familiar with this award-winning STi, if not, then you need to get your ass out to some of the shows here in the West Coast! This is definitely one of the most highly modified STis' out there.....So, instead of me listing the mods, I'll just let the pictures do the... Continue Reading →

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