Panspeed RX8 @ Mazda Tuning Festa

I've always loved browsing at photos from various Japanese car events throughout the year because there's usually some heavy hitters at nearly every event. Most recently, there was the Mazda Tuning Festa which was held at Tsukuba Circuit that attracted some famous rotary monsters. One of these is the infamous yellow Panspeed RX8! Photos via... Continue Reading →

Mazdaghini Reventon

Usually I don't post unattractive cars on my blog..but I just had to post this GEM... Rarer than a Lamborghini Reventon...production of this particular car is said to be only 1 in the world. Powered by a V.....i mean.....Renesis 13b-msp rotary motor producing a WHOPPING 237bhp! without further ado..... i proudly present...... all the way... Continue Reading →

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