Raced Out Altezza

When you hear people talk about IS300s or Altezzas, you'd most likely think of some sort of VIP'd out modifications, and rarely tracked out versions. So, when I saw this tracked out specimen online, I knew I had to share! Photos via MINKARA

Triple Team

Saw this wonderful set of photos online today and thought I'd share them here. These 3 IS' looks absolutely stunning, and the quality of the photos are definitely top-notch! Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR

Classy Lexus

Keeping things simple and clean, here's a classy Lexus IS300 with a bit of VIP flavor mixed in with a dose of sportiness.

Strasse Forged IS300

This is one of the cleanest IS300 I've seen to date. It's got a beautiful stance, flawless body work, and a menacing 707whp on tap. Check out more Strasse Forged Wheels HERE Photos by Raymond Neice

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