Nissan Confusion: The G180Z

Alright, we've all seen cars (ricers) with mismatched body panels and tail/headlights sourced from all kinds of cars. Usually these cars are pretty hideous and the more mismatched they get, typically, the worst they are. But what if I told you a 180sx can have a G35 AND 370Z exterior, while still looking pretty damn... Continue Reading →


Saw this gorgeous M45 at the local car meet last week rocking a pretty baller setup in the Work Gnosis/Project Mu footwork. MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive

G37 x Advan RS-D

I met up with a friend of mine a few weeks ago to do a quick shoot of his G37 and I finally had the time to post the photos up here. The car is very simple with some beautiful aesthetic mods in a set of Advan RS-Ds and a Top Secret front bumper among... Continue Reading →

Flashback G

A little #flashbackfriday action with this post here. Photos were not taken by me but by a good friend of mine about four years ago. The car was actually owned by another friend of mine and it's rocking a sweet set of orange CE28 wrapped with Advan AO48 rubber. Photos by Rodney Moenadi via FLICKR

The SSR Club

Like the title suggests...SSR all the cars! It's pretty crazy to see all five of these "fitted" cars rocking different SSR wheel models. And just in case you guys are wondering, here's the list of wheel models by car: Black G37 - SSR Formula Mesh White G37 - SSR SP3 Purple 350Z - SSR MS3... Continue Reading →

Z & G

Posted both of these cars on the blog before and it's a pleasant surprise to see both of them together in a shoot! The 370Z is on OZ Futuras and the G35 is on SSR Formula Mesh wheels respectively. Photos via MINKARA

‘G’angstas in White

When I first saw these photos, I knew I had to get em up for you guys cause these might be a couple of the cleanest G37s that I've ever seen. I'm just in love with both of these stanced out Gs. Wow! Photos by Mike Doria


Now here is something you don't see everyday, a stanced out, second-gen, Infiniti Q45. This bossy ride is sitting nice and low on a set of aggressive Work VS-XX wheels. Photos by Jim Davis

A Stand Out G

These photos are over a year old, so you might have seen them somewhere on the net, but I like to take this time to finally post them on my blog. This super clean and super bright G35 is owned by my good friends Angel and Lucas who's been into the tuning scene since the... Continue Reading →

Japan Relief Gathering Coverage [Part I]

Here is the first part of MoMoHitsTheSpot!'s coverage of the April 3rd Japan Relief Gathering held in San Francisco. It was a great day of beautiful cars, weather, and a perfect view of the San Francisco Bay. But most was a day where Bay Area enthusiasts gathered for a great cause, I tip my... Continue Reading →

Orange n’ Cream

Took a few shots of my buddy's G35 coupe this past Wednesday during the Super Lap Battle, so I thought I'd share them with you guys here. Wheels are 18x10.5 +18 CE28n wrapped with 295/30/18 Advan A048 on all four corners.

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