For Love of Scaled Models #2: LaFerrari x SSR Koenig Monster

The thing I love most about scaled and model cars is that you can do whatever you want to them and just let your imagination run wild. So, you might not be able to own a slammed LaFerrari on old school SSR Koenig Monsters in real life, that doesn't mean you can't in a scaled... Continue Reading →

Quick Snaps! Vol. 4 [Stanced CT200h]

It's been awhile since my last segment of "Quick Snaps", but I haven't forgotten about it, so here's the latest set. I shot these in the parking lot of a local college after I spotted this car on various occasions. This is definitely one of the sickest CTs I've seen and I absolutely LOVE the... Continue Reading →

Porsche 918 First Drive

This is truly a stunning car.....both powerful, yet emissions friendly. Porsche has really came out on top this time. The performance numbers are unheard of in this type of hybrid vehicle; it's basically the best of both worlds. With emission levels of 70g of CO2/km and fuel consumption of 94 mpg, it rivals even the... Continue Reading →

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