A Splash of Pink; Because STi

I posted some photos of this beautiful GRB before when it was rocking a set of matte black Advan RG-D, it has since moved on to a fresh set of wheels, and here's the result. Wheels are Enkei PF01 in an unmistakable pink finish, very proper for an STi. Photos by Kenny Williams

JNA Performance STi

Looks like I'm on a roll with these GRB STis cause here's another very nicely modded one. This beauty is rocking the relatively new WedsSports SA60m wheels along with some subtle carbon fiber aero to set the car off just right. Photos by Akolstad Photography

Feisty Wagon

I'm sure many of us are not big fans when it comes to wagons, but then comes this monster and feelings quickly changes. One of my favorite GRBs ever, this Varis clad wagon is a car you don't want to mess with! Photos by Raymond Tran

Proper Subie Revisited

I've posted pics of this beautiful GRB before, but I thought I would be nice to showcase this ride one more time. Here are some fresh shots of the beast. Photos by Kenny Williams

Swaggin’ Wagon

Swag is something that contains a high level of coolness, and this GRB below has got all the swagger in the world. This is by far the sexiest, most aggressive wagon that you'll ever lay eyes on.

Oldie vs. Newbie

So, I recently went out and did a quick shoot for a couple of good friends of mine and here are the results. The GC8 recently had a make-over, and it's now sporting Mature front and rear bumpers and a fresh Laguna Seca Blue paint job. Also, both Subies are rocking upgraded turbos, and Volk... Continue Reading →

Spoolin’ STi [Round 2]

I first posted pictures of this gorgeous GRB STi last month, but here's a brand new set of photos of it equipped with a front lip this time around. Photos by Kenny Williams Past feature: Advan STi

Varis Equipped GRB

Big thanks to one of my good friend for linking me to pics of this absolutely amazing Subaru. This GRB is rocking some real baller parts if you take a look at the pictures. Like the title said, this car is equipped with a full Varis kit, along with a set of flat black Advan... Continue Reading →

Dare I Say…Cleanest GRB In The World?

This is a beautiful video entry of L-SCHLEGS's GRB STi for Cobb Tuning's Film Festival. This video has been out for a couple months now, so it's not the newest shit, but I thought it would be worth posting. For more info on this car, follow the link: HERE

GDB STi Facelift, 2011 Style!!!

That's right, Car Service Hiro just came out with this 2011+ GR conversion kit for the older GD model STi.....complete with a full Chargespeed kit as well. I, personally don't really dig it, but it sure can fool a lot of people, that I can guarantee.

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