Ultimate GTR

Z-Tune R34 with extra mods; A GTR doesn't get much better than that. Photos by Fieldstone1993 Photography via FLICKR


I don't usually post up stock cars, but I think this particular car and set of photos deserve the exposure cause it's absolutely stunning! Photos by Fieldstone1993 Photography via FLICKR

A Japanese Icon [Part II]

A couple weeks ago, I posted a feature with the title 'A Japanese Icon', and in that feature, there was a beautiful modified white GTR on some matte black Volk G2 wheels. Well, here is its twin brother. This GTR is rocking the same set of wheels only this one is in a mag blue... Continue Reading →

A Japanese Icon

This car needs no introduction.....it is none other than the king of Japanese cars, the Nissan GTR aka Godzilla. This particular GTR is sittin pretty on some ever popular Volk Racing G2 wheels in a matte black finish. Photos by Michael Lee/Leemik.com

Fan Favorite

The Skyline R34 GTR. I'm sure all of us has wished at some point in our lives to have the privilege of owning THE Godzilla of all Godzillas. But unfortunately for most of us in the United States, we will most likely not be able to get our hands or even just our ass in... Continue Reading →

Grey Scale GTR

There are certain cars in the world that can age better than others, and then there are cars that were more technologically advance than others. For the Nissan GTR, it's got the best of everything, the looks, the power, and most importantly, the technologically advance 4wd drivetrain. And to find a nicely modded one is... Continue Reading →

A Rare Breed

Most of the time when you hear people talk about Nissan Skylines, you think of acronyms like GTR, V-Spec, Nur...etc...So, for this post, I decided to give the not-so top-of-the-line Skyline some much needed love. And I'm not talking about some GTS Coupe, I'm talking about this super clean R32 GTS Sedan. Photos by Kelvin... Continue Reading →

Slammin’ GTR

Here's a nice set of photos of a GTR that's rollin' on a set of SV1 Forged wheels.....and did I mention this car is SLAMMED...(at least by GTR standards)

Voltex R35 GTR

Compared to other Voltex vehicles, this GTR seems very inconspicuous, almost seems non-Voltex like..... I guess Voltex still has a lot of developments to do for the GTR.

AMS Alpha 10 GTR. The Real Godzilla.

This is AMS' Alpha 10 packaged GTR setting the standard by running the 1/4 in 9.33. This is the FULL VIDEO. Not the one-minute speedo video.. Please do enjoy. And a bonus video of the same car just cruising out and about..

Wacky Mate BNR34 GTR

Wacky certainly does not describe this GTR.....I just fell in love with this first picture..... Bonus video, after the pics. And here's a bonus in-car video of it in action......turn your speakers up!!

One Word. EPIC.

This is probably going to be one of the most epic post that I will ever have on my blog. The amount of "win" that you are about to see is in epic proportions... I'm sure the Nissan Skyline GTR is on almost every man's "dream cars" list. One reason is the fact that it... Continue Reading →

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