G37 x Advan RS-D

I met up with a friend of mine a few weeks ago to do a quick shoot of his G37 and I finally had the time to post the photos up here. The car is very simple with some beautiful aesthetic mods in a set of Advan RS-Ds and a Top Secret front bumper among... Continue Reading →

The SSR Club

Like the title suggests...SSR all the cars! It's pretty crazy to see all five of these "fitted" cars rocking different SSR wheel models. And just in case you guys are wondering, here's the list of wheel models by car: Black G37 - SSR Formula Mesh White G37 - SSR SP3 Purple 350Z - SSR MS3... Continue Reading →

‘G’angstas in White

When I first saw these photos, I knew I had to get em up for you guys cause these might be a couple of the cleanest G37s that I've ever seen. I'm just in love with both of these stanced out Gs. Wow! Photos by Mike Doria

CE28 Lovers

Volk Racing/Rays Engineering has been the pinnacle of wheel manufacturing since its introduction back in 1973. And since then, they have continued to establish themselves as the go-to manufacturer for many race teams and tuners all over the world. It is because of their illustrious history and top-of-the-line wheel construction that makes them not only... Continue Reading →

Family Affair

2 G37s, 2 GTRs.....oh yeah, it's a family affair alright! In case you don't know your wheels, the G37s are equipped with Volk Racing SF Challenge and Advan RS-D respectively. Photos courtesy of Michael Lee @ mike-lee.org

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