Holy Batman!!!

A picture speaks a thousand words...... Photo by Thomas Quintin

‘Tis The Season..

So, Christmas is around the corner.....What would you like that one special gift to be????? I'd like mine to be a red Ferrari 599 GTO.....covered in snow!!! 😀 Photos by PW Photography

Right Click, Save As.

Desktop background. I don't know how else to describe this jaw dropping photo, except to set it as a desktop background so I can stare at it all day..... Photo was taken by Marcus Osterman of East&Sthlm Enjoy.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione- Nuff Said.

This is one of 30 Ferrari FXX Evoluziones in the world, and just in case you don't know what an Evoluzione is...here's the breakdown. Ferrari basically took the already super fast FXX and made it even faster. Power output has increased from the tire scorching 790hp to a neck breaking 860hp @ an incredible 9,500rpms,... Continue Reading →

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