What's better than one FEED FD? Three! In this case.....but I can't complain if there's more. Photos via MINKARA

A Winning Seven

Feed Afflux front bumper, Advan RG-D, Project Mu BBK, Voltex Type III rear spoiler, Bride buckets, Greddy single turbo upgrade, and the list goes on and on for this stunning RX7. Photos via MINKARA

Victory Down Under

I'm sure I have said this in several previous blog posts before, but Australia's got some pretty fine automobiles. And when I say fine, I mean gorgeous like this FD3S below rocking some ever so popular, aggressively sized, TE37SL. Along with the wheels, this RX7 is also sporting all sorts of JDM pieces from FEED,... Continue Reading →

RE 雨宮 x Feed FD

Now this is what I call the perfect RX7. Rocking a Feed wide body with a RE Amemiya front bumper, and a set of CE28n, a combination that works i harmony.

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