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Euro R Attraction

This is one of my favorite TSX/Euro Rs at the moment. (Pretty comparable to the Phaze2 TSX which has new Spoon aero BTW) I absolutely love the owner’s choice in going with the aggressive route in comparison to the conventional luxurious route with this platform. My favorite aspects of this car has got to be the F Zero Blue TE37 and the Voltex/J’s Racing combo on its rear end…..absolutely stunning if you ask me.

Photos by Lam Le via FLICKR











JDM Bavarian

Now here is a very special car, something that is out of the norm for a BMW. This boosted 3-Series below has a bit of M3 flavor, but also a bit of JDM goodness as well. It’s rockin’ a M3 front end with a CSL hood, and full lip and side skirts. Then the owner gets creative and slapped on a set of gorgeous F-Zero Blue TE37s, and mates a Voltex spoiler to the trunk! I gonna go out and say that this is definitely not a car for everyone, but personally, I think everything blends quite nicely on this Bimmer.

Photos by Quoc Le