Cars and Coffee SF [ June 28th 2014, Part II ]

Second part to my C&C SF coverage is now live! Please note that I didn't get all the cars that were in attendance, but I did manage to get the majority of it. Also, I hope you guys are not tired of C&C coverage yet cause I have more photos to post up from a... Continue Reading →

Cars and Coffee SF [ June 28th 2014, Part I ]

I'm about a week late on it but I've finally gone through with some of my photos that I shot last weekend, so I'm gonna be unloading them here on the blog in the next few days. First up are some shots I took at the "first" official Cars & Coffee meet for the city... Continue Reading →

That Twin Turbo Stallion

One of my favorite Ferrari, or any super car of all time, even after all these years, the F40. This one rocking some forged magnesium Tab Corsa wheels from Neez. Photos via MINKARA


I want to stray away from the usual modified imports and just show off some amazing photos of a Porsche GT3 RS sporting a 'Sunkist' livery. Photos by GF Photography

Devil In Black

So.....what's better than an already potent Porsche 997 Turbo??? How about a modded one! 😀 This Vorsteiner equipped 911 Turbo is just jaw-dropping...... Photos by David Bush Photography

ADV.1 X Gallardo Spyder[s]

If you still have not heard or seen what ADV.1 Wheels are, then you my friend, have been living under a rock...Although ADV.1 is a rather new has definitely taken the automotive world by storm. Their line of forged, concaved one-piece, and three-piece wheels are one-of-a-kind, and they look absolutely stunning. Check out this... Continue Reading →

The Black Mamba

This car needs no introduction. It's simply known as the fastest production Porsche to man-kind. Photos by Leemik Photography


My jaws literally hit the keyboard when I laid eyes on this unbelievable machine. This ADV-05 equipped LP670 used to wear a mellow matte purple wrap but now it has been revamped with a brand new color chrome wrapping in the same purple scheme. Talk about BIG BALLA!

Project Erebos LP560 by SR Auto

SR Auto has recently unleashed their latest creation in this unbelievably sexy LP560. This lambo is lightly modified with a set of PUR Three gloss black wheels, LP570 front bumper and RSC carbon side skirts, and rear wing. But the thing I really liked about this car is the gray metallic finish, it looks absolutely... Continue Reading →

Black Bull gotta love em'! Here's a super sleek flat black LP-560-4. Photos by Brecht Decancq Photography

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione- Nuff Said.

This is one of 30 Ferrari FXX Evoluziones in the world, and just in case you don't know what an Evoluzione's the breakdown. Ferrari basically took the already super fast FXX and made it even faster. Power output has increased from the tire scorching 790hp to a neck breaking 860hp @ an incredible 9,500rpms,... Continue Reading →

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