Fifty Shades of Gray

It's been awhile since I've seen an E92 that I absolutely love.....but THIS...I LOVE! I think this M3 is just perfect; its got a killer stance and ride height, and those SSR MS3s is just perfection. Photos via MINKARA

Amazing Happened

So, I was at a local hot spot for cars this past Friday night snapping pictures and minding my business, when I spotted something that immediately caught my attention on the far side of the parking lot. When I got closer, my breath was just taken away, because I've just seen a stunning piece of... Continue Reading →

JD/// Power

The Japanese aftermarket has been on top of their game as far as developing new parts for European makes, and this E92 M3 flaunts a nice combination of both EDM and JDM flavors. This beautiful M3 is rocking a set of rare Volk Racing Tokyo Time Attack wheels, and numerous parts from renowned JDM company,... Continue Reading →

Green Hell

IND Distribution has been on top of the BMW aftermarket tuning game, and here are some fresh photos of their latest 'Green Hell' E92 M3.

Sunkist’d Bavarian

The E92 M3 has got to be one of the best looking coupe out there on the road today. And when you add a few enhancements to it, it can look drop dead gorgeous. Photos by European Auto Source

Seductive M

Damn, I used to think a perfect M3 would be slammed, stanced, and rocking some sort of BBS wheels. I was just proven wrong. I've been seeing a lot of M3s rocking Volks and Advans lately, and I don't blame them cause they look mighty fine. But this E92 below is the absolute cream of... Continue Reading →

Incredible Hulk

IND Distribution has been known to churn out some really crazy rides, and they have done it again with this incredible supercharged E92 M3.

Japanese Flavored E92

When people think of modding an M3, usually, they'd like to keep things clean an mellow, CSL this, CSL that, and maybe a set of BBS LMs or something with some lippage. Well, that is definitely NOT the case for this M3.....This track ready beast is rocking a set of Magnesium Blue Volk TE37 wrapped... Continue Reading →

Active Autowerke Project M

Active Autowerke has been the premier source for BMW tuning for over 30 years, so when they build a project car, you know it's gonna be something epic. Here is their latest creation, a super-charged E92 M3 rocking a set of ADV5.0 by ADV.1 Wheels. Photos by William Stern

Instant Classic

BMW M3......BBS LM......It's like the perfect match. I honestly can't remember how many times I've featured a BMW M3 rollin on LMs on my blog. It has to be more than a handful. But every time, it still amazes me how the combination of this wheel and this car can make for such a neck... Continue Reading →

MMMmmm…..Good! [Part II]

Another set of E92 M3 photos.....this is a different M3 from my previous post. But these photos are absolutely stunning! Great work by Four View Studio. Looks like an Evo showed up for some fun! LOL


BBS LM.....a timeless and classic design that never gets old...It is by far one of my favorite wheels of all time and it can make almost any car look good. But my car of choice for this particular wheel has always been the BMW M3. And this AW E92 M3 pretty much tells the story... Continue Reading →

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