Little Red E36 That Could

I'm a huge fan of M3s in general, and this E36 is as good as about any E36s can get. This car is absolutely fantastic! And as cars get older, it gets harder and harder to fine cleanly modified examples, so seeing an E36 as clean as this is a breath of fresh air. Photos... Continue Reading →

River Postin’ CCW M3

A classic car, sittin' pretty on a set of 'Classic' wheels. The gunmetal/black CCWs matches the M3's Avus Blue finish quite nicely I think. What do you guys think? Photos by Pat Donahue

Classic White

CCW Classics has garnered a cult-like following in recent years, and a great example of why can be seen in this stanced E36 M3! It's just a drop dead gorgeous wheel! Photos by Sid Titus

Full Race E36 M3

Here's a beautiful E36 M3 that's fully track prepped, but also has a little bit of JDM flavor and a Yakima roof rack!!?? O.o as well. In this case, I think this fusion of DTM with JDM goodies really goes well with each other. Photos by Matt Kwok

Double Trouble

Here's another nice set of photos from one of my favorite automotive photographer, John Zhang of 1013MM. This time, it is of two equally tasteful E36 M3s. Check it out. There's also a short video after the pics.

***Personal Favorite***

This following set of photos will probably go down as my favorite set of automotive photography that I have posted so far this year. I think this says a lot as I've posted some very stunning photos from many great photographers out there. But this set takes the cake cause not only does it feature... Continue Reading →

White Gold Bavarian

Here's a super clean E36 M3 for you to feast your eyes on. The gold BBS LMs compliments the white very nicely. I'm a sucker for white cars with gold rims ;D

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