Tokyo Encounter: Odaiba Parking Lot Car Spotting

Over three weeks into 2018, and I'm barely posting my first post of the year. Needless to say, I feel a bit unaccomplished but I've been working on re-editing some old photos from years past that may or may not be thrown on the site. One of the reasons why the site has been slow... Continue Reading →

The Rowen Z34

Rowen International's brand new Z34 kit made its debut at the Nismo Festival this past weekend in the new D1GP car set to compete in 2015. It's definitely different compared to other kits out there for the Z and personally, this is one of my least favorite. In my opinion, the side skirts and rear... Continue Reading →

Wider Down Under

It's very unfortunate that the Nissan Silvia S15 was never imported into the U.S., but there are many parts of the world, who did not suffer from our misfortune. One of them is the country down under, Australia. Many Aussies have some sort of exposure to the tuning scene, and Japanese tuning has been extremely... Continue Reading →

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