Advan RZ-DF x E92 M3

Although I'm not a huge fan of Advan RZ-DFs in matte black, it does however, go pretty damn well with a black E92. Photos by Johan Lee

Smiley S2K

Judging by the title, I'm sure you know what car this post is focused on. When you look at this S2000, you probably wouldn't find anything spectacular about it...But I think this car has a sort of elegant, simplicity to it that really drew my attention. I'm loving the combination of the gunmetal Advan RZs... Continue Reading →

Japanese Flavored E92

When people think of modding an M3, usually, they'd like to keep things clean an mellow, CSL this, CSL that, and maybe a set of BBS LMs or something with some lippage. Well, that is definitely NOT the case for this M3.....This track ready beast is rocking a set of Magnesium Blue Volk TE37 wrapped... Continue Reading →

HKS CT230R [2011 Photo Set]

This is a car that needs no introduction, and has a parts list the size of a dictionary. It is none other than the iconic HKS CT230R Time Attack Evo. Now, some of you may ask why I'm posting pictures of this retired car. Well first off, this is a brand new set of photos... Continue Reading →

Devilish GTR

Sitting pretty on some ISS Forged wheels, this red hot GTR is a car you don't wanna mess with! Photos by Kevin Choi

Chitown ‘X’ecutioner

Hailing from the Windy City, this stunning Wicked White Evo X is a definite neck-breaker whether its prowling the streets, track, or just sitting pretty at a show. When I first saw pictures of this Evo, I knew I had to feature this on MoMoHitsTheSpot!, and now I finally get the chance to share this... Continue Reading →

Advan RZ-DF Equipped NSX…..Game Over.

Game. Set. Match. A rare car matched up with a set of rare pretty much spells 'game over' for all enthusiasts alike. First off, there's the Acura NSX, with a production number in the neighborhood of 8000 cars over a period of 15 years, it's safe to say that 'limited production' is an understatement.... Continue Reading →

Silver Surfer

When it comes to a clean, yet powerful street car, it doesn't get much better than this Silver Surfer Evo 8 on Work XD9. Spyder01 Photography

Project Erebos LP560 by SR Auto

SR Auto has recently unleashed their latest creation in this unbelievably sexy LP560. This lambo is lightly modified with a set of PUR Three gloss black wheels, LP570 front bumper and RSC carbon side skirts, and rear wing. But the thing I really liked about this car is the gray metallic finish, it looks absolutely... Continue Reading →

S Too Clean [Part II]

A few weeks ago, I featured this amazing turbo-charged S2000 on one of my blog posts, but that was just a little teaser. Here's several more impressive shots of the car. Enjoy.

RedBrick Racing Evo

So, I'm sure you've seen what a Voltex Cyber Edition Evo looks like..right??? So, what about a Do-Luck widebody Evo??? Have you seen one of those?? Google both if you don't know what I'm talking about, but if you do know what I'm talking about, then let me ask you this...Have you seen both of... Continue Reading →

Yellow Fever

There are certain cars out there that looks better in a particular color, such as Ferrari and the color, red. In this case, I think yellow is THE color for the FD3S, and I'm sure most of you will agree. So, when you take an already good looking yellow FD in stock form, add a... Continue Reading →

S Too Clean [Teaser]

This turbo-charged S2k used to be rocking some silver Enkei RPF1s but the owner decided to upgrade to a little more flusher and cleaner setup, with a set of white Work XD-9s. Pretty clean right???

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