Killer Hawkeye

This Hawkeye STi is one of the simplest and cleanest one I've seen in awhile. I know some of you guys are not into to whole stanced Evos and STis but I think this one pulls off the look quite nicely. Photos by Zach Zadoo Photography via FLICKR

Ageless Beauty

It's been over 2 decades since the first NSX rolled off the production line, and yet it still does not show its age. This BBS LM rocking NA1 is a prime example of an ageless wonder. Photos by Richard Le

Flawless Execution

I've said this many times on the blog, but I'll say it again cause it applies here. You don't need a hoard of modifications to make a great car, just the right ones, and this BBS LM rocking S2000 is doing it right with all the right parts. Photos by Derek Wheeler

The Classic Combo

BBS LM, a classic staple on any beautiful car, and here's a very simple, yet elegant S2k rocking the iconic wheels. Photos by Huy Ho Rock n' Roll


It's been quite a long time since I've posted an Audi up on the blog, but that just changed with this stunning beauty here. The fitment on this A3 is just top-notch! And those custom BBS LMs looks absolutely fantastic on this car. Photos by Jason Maglinao

Mr. Clean

Have you ever seen a car that just leaves your jaw dropped? Well, this RX8 will definitely leave your jaw dropped. This is quite possibly the cleanest RX8 on the planet. Ings +1 aero, BBS LM, perfect fitment, perfect stance, need I say, perfect everything... Photos by Matt Salgado

First Name Cleanest, Last Name Ever

When it comes to modifying a car, everyone wants theirs to be the best. But as we all know, parts don't come cheap, especially if you keep things authentic. So, the best way to accomplish a clean, semi-budget conscious build, you need to choose your mods wisely. This STi does just that. Every part that... Continue Reading →

Doing It Right

Honda Civic, probably one of the most widely distributed tuner car known to mankind. So, it's safe to say that there should be many beautifully modded Civics out there. However, the numbers and demographics surely, does not reflect this theory. In reality, you'd see beat up, fake parts ridden Civics more than anything. But then... Continue Reading →

The Big Kahuna

The whole package. In the tuning world, this pretty much means a car has the good looks and the go-fast bits to go with it. Well, this black on black Supra below has all that...and then some. It's got that iconic Top Secret exterior, upgraded twin-turbo setup and those BBS LMs...yummmmmm...and did I mention this... Continue Reading →

Simplicity Triumphs

I'm sure we've all heard of the term, 'less is more', well that is certainly the case with this immaculate TSX out in New York. This car is not rockin' some crazy low offset wheels, super aggressive aero, carbon everywhere, or some colorful paint job. This TSX keeps things simple with an authentic Mugen front... Continue Reading →

Doing Things Right

Some car owners/enthusiasts just like to slap on whatever parts they can get their hands on and call it a day. There's no thorough planning or thoughts put into their build, and their car tends to end up as a quantity over quality build. Well, that is definitely not the case for this amazingly clean... Continue Reading →

Simply Clean S15

I think Nissan did an absolutely fantastic job on the design of the Silvia S15. Unlike the boxy S13, and the dated S14, the S15 carries a sleek body line that rivals the new cars of today. That's why I think a stock bodied S15 with a nice stance and wheels is sufficient enough to... Continue Reading →

The Beastly Beauty

So, I'm sure we've all heard of the Beauty and the Beast and know that they're two separate entities.....But what if you can combine the power of the beast and the elegance of the beauty into one entity or in this case, a car. It would perhaps look something like this unbelievably clean HPF-powered, BBS... Continue Reading →

Instant Classic

BMW M3......BBS LM......It's like the perfect match. I honestly can't remember how many times I've featured a BMW M3 rollin on LMs on my blog. It has to be more than a handful. But every time, it still amazes me how the combination of this wheel and this car can make for such a neck... Continue Reading →

S2000+BBS LM…..Timeless..

Another S2000 on my blog.....surprise surprise! lol. But this one is rocking some BBS LM..(one of my favorite wheel of all time) so I gotta get it props. This car is nothing over the top, just a very subtle, clean look. The Mugen hardtop, OEM front lip and drop finish this car off very nicely.

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