Equipped For Battle

Here's another car rocking some ever popular ADV.1 wheels. This time, it's on a Battleship Gray CLK63!

ADV.1 X Gallardo Spyder[s]

If you still have not heard or seen what ADV.1 Wheels are, then you my friend, have been living under a rock...Although ADV.1 is a rather new name...it has definitely taken the automotive world by storm. Their line of forged, concaved one-piece, and three-piece wheels are one-of-a-kind, and they look absolutely stunning. Check out this... Continue Reading →

California Love

ADV.1 Wheels continues to take the world by storm.....This time, it's in the form of this exquisite Ferrari California. Talk about a jaw dropping stance! I'm absolutely in love right now, and I'm sure many of you will agree with me on this one. Photos by William Stern

ADV.1 Forged Wheels Ad

Here's a short ad of the ADV.1 Forged Wheels, featuring the same Heffner TT Gallardo I posted a couple of weeks ago. This video is also made by SuperFastHD and it was made very well as usual, but their first TT lambo video definitely trumps this one. Nevertheless, enjoy..

Stealth Bomber

Code name: Valkyrie. [Murder She Wrote: Entry 3] Third entry of the Murder She Wrote catalog. This is one of the sickest R8s that I have ever seen, built by SR Auto Group.

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