AutoCon LA 2012 Coverage [Part 3]

Finally getting the last part of my coverage on the blog. Hope you guys enjoy! One of the highlight of the show - FOOD TRUCKS! Another highlight was DJ Shogun dropping a 2 hour set!

AutoCon LA 2012 Coverage [Part 2]

So, I said I was going to write an in-depth write-up about the show, but I think most of you have seen on other websites and blogs what this show is all about, so I'll just keep things short. I do want to point out that AutoCon continues to be one of the few shows... Continue Reading →

AutoCon LA 2012 Coverage [PART 1]

Here it is! Part 1 of my AutoCon LA coverage. Unfortunately I was not able to get coverage on all the cars present, but I hope you enjoy what I do have. I also will have a more thorough write-up hopefully in part 2.

[2012 NEW] Volk Racing C345

Just got word that Rays Engineering has released its new 2012 design in the C345 Ultra-Lightweight and C345 Prime wheels. Featuring a semi-mesh design and exclusive forging technology, this special design is exclusively for the compact Euros market. Personally, I'm not really feeling this design, but it is definitely beneficial in a performance stand point.... Continue Reading →

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