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AutoCon 2012

Top-notch cars, beautiful women, delicious food, and DJ Shogun. These are the things that you will find and encounter at AutoCon LA on Saturday, July 21st. So, if any of the aforementioned attracts you, then be sure the stop by the show! Presale tickets are currently available through the link here —> AutoCon. Also, be sure to use promo code (MOMO) for a discounted rate!

World renowned trance DJ, Shogun, will be on hand to headline the event, so don’t miss out!

With every car show, there’s always beautiful women. And here is a list of some of the eye candies that will be at AutoCon.

Kaskade – Fire & Ice [2011] (Part 2, ‘ICE’)

Disc 2 of Kaskade’s brand new album, Fire & Ice.

1.- Eyes (ICE Mix)

2.- Turn It Down (ICE Mix)

3.- Lessons In Love (ICE Mix)

4.- Lick It (ICE Mix)

5.- Llove (ICE Mix)

6.- Let Me Go (ICE Mix)

7.- Waste Love (ICE Mix)

8.- ICE (ICE Mix)

9.- How Long (ICE Mix)

10.- Room For Happiness (ICE Mix)

Kaskade – Fire & Ice [2011] (Part 1, ‘FIRE’)

The highly anticipated new album from America’s #1 DJ, Kaskade, is finally out! Named Fire & Ice, it features 10 original tracks and 10 ICE remixes, with disc 1 as Fire, and disc 2 as Ice (remixes).

1.- Eyes feat. Mindy Gledhill

2.- Turn It Down w/Rebecca & Fiona

3.- Lessons In Love feat. Neon Trees

4.- Lick It w/Skrillex

5.- Llove feat. Haley

6.- Let Me Go feat. Marcus Bentley

7.- Waste Love w/Quadron

8.- ICE w/Dada Life & Dan Black

9.- How Long w/Inpetto & Late Night Alumni

10.- Room For Happiness feat Skylar Grey