[Event Coverage] Wekfest San Jose 2014 (Part 3)

Moving on to the next segment of my coverage... Here we have one a my favorite S2ks in the Bay Area including a full list of Mugen goodies and a tucked bay. Also, further down the post there's a full on EK drag car and a first gen RX7 with a sweet heart transplant among... Continue Reading →

[Event Coverage] Wekfest San Jose 2014 (Part 2)

Continuing on with the second part of my coverage, this part is a little shorter than the previous but is still filled with some wonderful builds. The most notable build in this segment is definitely the RyWire EF. I'm sure most of you guys have seen photos of it online, but this is a car... Continue Reading →

Wekfest V [Part III]

Alright, it's part three of my Wekfest coverage! I hope you guys have enjoyed the photos so far, but I've still got a lot more to go! Once again, I didn't get a shot of a lot of cars there, but don't get too worried if you haven't seen your car popped up yet, it'll... Continue Reading →

Wekfest V [Part II]

Alright, here we go! Part two of my Wekfest coverage! Unfortunately, I don't have photos of numerous cars that was in attendance, and I apologize for that. I was just overwhelmed by the crowd throughout the show and had a really tough time getting shots off. None the less, I hope you guys enjoy this... Continue Reading →


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