A Japanese Icon [Part II]

A couple weeks ago, I posted a feature with the title 'A Japanese Icon', and in that feature, there was a beautiful modified white GTR on some matte black Volk G2 wheels. Well, here is its twin brother. This GTR is rocking the same set of wheels only this one is in a mag blue... Continue Reading →

A Japanese Icon

This car needs no introduction.....it is none other than the king of Japanese cars, the Nissan GTR aka Godzilla. This particular GTR is sittin pretty on some ever popular Volk Racing G2 wheels in a matte black finish. Photos by Michael Lee/Leemik.com

Family Affair

2 G37s, 2 GTRs.....oh yeah, it's a family affair alright! In case you don't know your wheels, the G37s are equipped with Volk Racing SF Challenge and Advan RS-D respectively. Photos courtesy of Michael Lee @ mike-lee.org

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