Drop It, Drop It Low Girl

Sometimes it's a good thing to be simple minded when modding a car. For the most part, keeping things simple is the best way to mod a car, and it can yield some amazing results. Check out this super sleek TSX below for example, its got a nice, low drop, matched with a set of... Continue Reading →

Dumped Euro R

I'm gonna keep things simple as Stance Nation has already done an article on this hard-parked TSX, so I'm just gonna post photos that were not available on Stance Nation for your enjoyment. For full Stance Nation article, click the link here -----> STANCE NATION Photos by Jose San Luis

Winning Attire

For this post, I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking, because the fitment on this Acura TL-S literally took my breath away.....The stance, and the aggressively fitted Volk Racing SF-Winning wheels fit this car perfectly. And those rear fenders.....are just breathtaking... Photos by Jose San Luis

Fitted & Equipped EG

Yup, it's a stanced Civic.....I know it's not some rare gem or anything, but a cleanly fitted Civic is always worthy of a post. Enjoy. Photos by Jose San Luis

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