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Wek’fest IV Coverage [Part 1]

Wekfest SF, a car show that has almost no rivals. It is a show so epic that car enthusiasts all over the country flock to the City by the Bay just to be a part of a gathering of some of the finest automobiles the west coast has to offer. Fortunately for me, I did not have to travel far to attend this show, however, there were a lot of set backs this year which resulted in my car not being in attendance, and also a less than stellar coverage due to some delays. But without further adieu, here is part 1 of the coverage that I do have, keep in mind I didn’t snap pics of every car in attendance due to the overwhelming amount of people. Hope you guys enjoy!


Cluster fuck…..a yearly tradition..


Hottie: Alexis Sakura Kobayashi

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a ‘hottie’ post, so here’s a nice one to give you a tighter fit around your pants…

You’ve probably seen this hottie before, especially if you reside in California. And if you haven’t, then you’ve probably seen her on DSport, or on the net/blogs, etc. But if this is your first time ever seeing this girl, then let me introduce, Alexis Kobayashi.