That Classic Swag

CCW Classics has become a fan favorite as far as wheel choice for Imports and Domestics alike. Its timeless design and infinite sizing can go well with almost any car out there, which is the main reason its popularity has reached stratospheric levels in recent years. Take one look at this Berlina Black S2k and... Continue Reading →

JDM In’S’pired

Knock-Offs vs. Authentic.....this is a much debated topic in the tuning scene, and the market for knock-off parts is sadly, continuing on an unstoppable growth. With that said, here at MoMoHitsTheSpot!, authenticity reigns over knock-offs all day, everyday. Of course, I'm not knocking anyone for rocking fake parts, to each their own I always say,... Continue Reading →

S Too Clean [Part II]

A few weeks ago, I featured this amazing turbo-charged S2000 on one of my blog posts, but that was just a little teaser. Here's several more impressive shots of the car. Enjoy.

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