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DudeBlvd pres. Devil In A New Dress

Sexy, elegant, beautiful. These are all adjectives that describe this superb DudeBlvd production.

Stay tuned for more future videos from the Dude Blvd Crew.


5&A Dime 1st Annual Motor Union Show [Presented by Auto Life TV]

The title pretty much says it all. This is basically a video coverage of 5&A Dime’s very first Motor Union car show, in collaboration with Crooks & Castles…It’s where cool clothes, cool cars and most importantly, cool people, all converge in one place.


For more videos and coverage by AutoLifeTV, click on the link:

For photo coverage of this event, check here:

No Cars, No Hotties, No Music. Just Some Good ol’ Booze!

Straying away from the usual posts about cars, music, hotties, and such, this one’s about beers! World’s strongest beers to be exact! But don’t get too excited cause they’re in limited supplies, and even more so in the U.S. We NEVER get the cool stuff…go figure..

Note: All beers listed are from Scottish brewery, Brewdog.

First up…the strongest, newest and most expensive of them all…at $762 per bottle with 110 proof and 55% ABV, it is appropriately called..’End of History.’ This beer is sold with either a dead stoat, squirrel, or hare wrapped around the bottle. YES, I SAID ROADKILL. Don’t believe me???

Check it…

Next Up…

‘Sink the Bismarck.’ At 41% ABV, it WAS the strongest beer in the world in the early parts of 2010, when it was made due to rival brewery, Schorschbrau’s release of their 40% ABV beer, Schorschbock.

Third up…

Available in the U.S. in very limited locations, is ‘Tactical Nuclear Penguin.’ Cool name ain’t it?? Released in November of last year, this beer carries an ABV of 32%, much lower than Sink the Bismarck and End of History, but still a very potent beer. To achieve this alcohol level, the beer was frozen for 21 days to remove any excess water, thus increasing the alcohol concentration.

And here’s the last one for the light weights…

It’s called ‘Tokyo’ and at 18.2% ABV, this should be a little more forgiving to your throats…but still VERY strong.