DudeBlvd pres. Devil In A New Dress

Sexy, elegant, beautiful. These are all adjectives that describe this superb DudeBlvd production. Stay tuned for more future videos from the Dude Blvd Crew.


5&A Dime 1st Annual Motor Union Show [Presented by Auto Life TV]

The title pretty much says it all. This is basically a video coverage of 5&A Dime's very first Motor Union car show, in collaboration with Crooks & Castles...It's where cool clothes, cool cars and most importantly, cool people, all converge in one place. CHECK IT. For more videos and coverage by AutoLifeTV, click on the... Continue Reading →

J’s Racing ‘Products’

If you don't know, J's Racing is a very reputable tuning shop in Japan. They have built numerous Super Taiyku race cars and offer many top notch products for street cars. But this post isn't about their race cars, or even their products..... Well...actually...you can consider 'them' J's products..LOL! I'm sure all the fellas out... Continue Reading →

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) RECAP

Back from EDC, and I must say, it was one of the most epic events that I have ever been to. It was definitely a successful event, with over 180,000 in attendance on Saturday. Absolutely insane! I will let the pictures speak for themselves, and some videos of the sets from EDC. Friday+Saturday Kaskade- Dynasty... Continue Reading →

Golden Veyron

So.....you got enough money to afford a Bugatti Veyron...so, I'm almost POSITIVE that you'll have enough to buy a 1:18 size model of it..correct??? Oh..but wait...this particular model costs more than your damn car!!!!! Yup.....a 1:18 scale Veyron costs more than the real deal...GO FIGURE O.o This scaled replica is made of solid 24k gold,... Continue Reading →

Wanna Play? For 12k!!???

Do you have 12k laying around somewhere????? If so, here's a nice little gift to yourself! An Audi designed Foosball table! YES, a Foosball table for 12k!!!...$12,900 to be exact!! Talk about overkill, but I must say...it does look pretty sitting in a game room of some rich man's house. . . . . .


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