Art of Attack A90 Supra @ GTA Finals 2020

I think the RS Future NSX was my favorite car overall for this year’s GTA Finals, but a close second has gotta be the Art of Attack Supra. The Renaissance Red Supra had gotten a new makeover this year with an eye-popping Ings+1 kit. In my opinion, the Ings+1 kit does the best job in elevating the Supra’s appearance and it’s definitely a fresh take compared to the riveted wide bodies. My favorite aspect of the kit is the front bumper which is a totally reinvented look unlike most of the aftermarket fronts currently available for the car. To boost the prowess of the Ings+1 kit, the guys at Art of Attack got some help from Amir @ RS Future and had a front aero package installed on the car as well. This updated aero setup along with 500+whp from a new Pure Turbos Pure800 kit was good enough for a 1:50.024 lap time in Street Class. They were aiming for sub-50s but I’m sure on the next time out they’ll be able to hit that elusive time! Hope you guys enjoy the small gallery…

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

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