Wekfest VIII [Event Coverage Part 1]

Been slacking on posting up the Wekfest SJ photos for the past couple of weeks, but I’m finally putting some up! I’ll have a more in depth write-up in the next part which will include some constructive criticism because I think it’s needed. But anyways, here’s a few shots to get the ball rolling.

Photos by MoMoHitsTheSpot!

Noticed I didn’t get a full shot of the Fugu Z but did manage to get some details of it.

Favorite Evo at the show; crazy setup inside and out.

A couple of clean GTRs at the show.

The infamous Sellout Supply NSX from Arizona.

Gorgeous Cayman GT4 on Advan GTs.

Speed Element Evo.

This Voltex Evo is a staple at every show.

Super clean DC5 sitting on some deep Work wheels.

Another favorite of mine from the show, the M&M Honda Racing wide body DC5.

This WRX had a ton of JDM goodies in its parts list.

DC2s had a strong showing, which is typical in every show.

This J Swap Accord was pretty interesting.

So, this rounds out this portion of the coverage, stay tuned for more!

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