Black Serious [Part II]

Last week I posted up some pictures of a gorgeous CLK63 Black Series that's sitting on a set of matte black Volk G2 wheels. Well, here is the second, and more in-depth part of the shoot. Photos by Ronnie Renaldi Link to first post: BLACK SERIOUS


Equipped For Battle

Here's another car rocking some ever popular ADV.1 wheels. This time, it's on a Battleship Gray CLK63!

Beauty In A Beast

Let me tell you, there's a lot of modded street driven Evo Xs out there theses days but this is by far one of the cleanest and meanest one I've seen in a while... Photos by Clifford Sutrisno

Retro 7

RX7s are notorious for breaking down and causing heartaches to owners all over the world. Many have given up on this platform and moved on to better and more reliable cars, so finding a clean RX7 can be quite a daunting task. And then came Team Nuisance's Mac Cruz and his immaculate FC. Photos by... Continue Reading →

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