Incredible Hulk

IND Distribution has been known to churn out some really crazy rides, and they have done it again with this incredible supercharged E92 M3.

7th Wonder of the World

The Mazda RX7, one of the most prolific sports car to ever come out of Japan, is often over-shadowed by its arch-nemesis, reliability. And because of this issue, RX7s are quickly disappearing off the face of the Earth. However, there's always those few shining stars that shines brightly among a slew of trash. This RX7... Continue Reading →

Fox Marketing 2012 Civic Si

Apparently, Fox Marketing got their hands on a 9th gen Civic, and did some serious work within a months time. And the result? A stanced-out, widebody, turbocharged beast you see here. The car will make its first official debut at this years SEMA event, so be sure to check it out if you'll be attending.

Project Vortyx

Here's another nice and simple car for you guys to enjoy. That is if you consider a GTR as 'simple'. This particular one is from SR Auto Group, nicknamed Project Vortyx.

Mr. Clean

Have you ever seen a car that just leaves your jaw dropped? Well, this RX8 will definitely leave your jaw dropped. This is quite possibly the cleanest RX8 on the planet. Ings +1 aero, BBS LM, perfect fitment, perfect stance, need I say, perfect everything... Photos by Matt Salgado

Accurately Fitted

Cleanliness and simplicity is the name of the game. Rocking a set of SSR MS1 wheels, this beautiful TSX plays the game just right. Photos by Jason Agtina

Triple Threat

So, how often do you see a photo shoot consisting of 3 equally amazing cars together? Probably few and far between. Well, here's a special triplet for you guys to drool over. Photos by Kevin Lee

First Name Cleanest, Last Name Ever

When it comes to modifying a car, everyone wants theirs to be the best. But as we all know, parts don't come cheap, especially if you keep things authentic. So, the best way to accomplish a clean, semi-budget conscious build, you need to choose your mods wisely. This STi does just that. Every part that... Continue Reading →

Super Lemon S2k

This Rio Yellow S2k has got all the right things going for it. The stance and fitment is just spot on! You might argue that it's not 'functional', but some people prefer form over function. And this S2k takes form to a whole new level. Photos by Gawa Photography

Hottie: Danielle Lo

If you've picked up or seen the latest (Nov. 2011) issue of DSport Magazine, then this hottie should look familiar to you. It's none other than Bay Area native, Danielle Lo!

Crème de la Crème

The following car in this post needs no introduction. If you have been in the'scene' the past few years, then chances are you've seen Bakajin's wicked STi. This WRB STi has got the best of the best, I'm talkin' baller JDM parts as far as the eye can see. Its got a set of custom... Continue Reading →

Devil Wears Meister

Simplicity is the key to a clean daily driver, and this TSX fits the bill quite nicely. It's rocking a set of the brand new Work Meister S1R and the stance is just deadly! Photos by Jason Agtina

Double Fitted Subies

The popularity of Subarus have sky-rocketed in recent years, especially the its Impreza model, most notably the WRX and STi. With its distinctive turbo-charged engine, all-wheel drive, and aggressive looks, it's hard not to see why it's so popular. But with popularity comes abundant aftermarket support, and with abundant aftermarket support comes knock-off parts. It... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Dreams

Have you ever seen a car that makes you think, "wow, it can't get any better than this". Well, I've seen it in this Integra Type R below. It's rocking a host of JDM parts as far as the eye can see, most notably, the staggered set of white Volk Racing TE37s. As an enthusiast... Continue Reading →

Small Size, Big Package

The Mazda Miata has always been viewed as the little man, or underdog against practically any car out there. But when you add some significant power to it, things change. This NA6 below is a prime example of a potent Miata. It's equipped with an aftermarket supercharger to boost its power substantially, suspension set up... Continue Reading →

Blue Passion

Keeping things clean and simple is sometimes the better, if not best way to mod a car. I've said this many times on this blog, and this 350Z below is a nice example of simplicity at its finest. Rocking a set of Work wheels along with a Nismo front end and Ings +1 aero, this... Continue Reading →

Black Serious [Part II]

Last week I posted up some pictures of a gorgeous CLK63 Black Series that's sitting on a set of matte black Volk G2 wheels. Well, here is the second, and more in-depth part of the shoot. Photos by Ronnie Renaldi Link to first post: BLACK SERIOUS

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