OEM Inspired NSX

It's not often you see a feature of a relatively stock car on this blog, let alone any other automotive blogs out there. But this Formula Red NSX is a head-turning exception. It's rockin' pretty much all OEM pieces, including NSX-R aero and also a set of gunmetal NA2 NSX wheels. If only the NSX... Continue Reading →

The Big Kahuna

The whole package. In the tuning world, this pretty much means a car has the good looks and the go-fast bits to go with it. Well, this black on black Supra below has all that...and then some. It's got that iconic Top Secret exterior, upgraded twin-turbo setup and those BBS LMs...yummmmmm...and did I mention this... Continue Reading →

Classy Lexus

Keeping things simple and clean, here's a classy Lexus IS300 with a bit of VIP flavor mixed in with a dose of sportiness.

Drop It, Drop It Low Girl

Sometimes it's a good thing to be simple minded when modding a car. For the most part, keeping things simple is the best way to mod a car, and it can yield some amazing results. Check out this super sleek TSX below for example, its got a nice, low drop, matched with a set of... Continue Reading →

Ebony Queen

The following STi is definitely one of the most recognizable Subaru on the East Coast. With its full Voltex exterior, full Bride interior, Advan RGII, Endless BBKs, immaculate engine bay and numerous ballin' parts, it's hard to miss this Subie. Photos by Rob Antenorcruz

Surisly JDM Subie

Here's another MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive feature of a very special Subaru. This bug-eye WRX below is actually owned by a friend of mine but the special thing about this car is that all work was done by the owner himself, including the RHD conversion. That's right, this is a RHD subie, and with all the right... Continue Reading →

Illest Evo

I've always been a big fan of wingless Evos and Stis, and whenever my friends ask if they should go wingless on their cars, my answer's always yes. You may disagree and say the wing gives the car an aggressive look or it's a vital part of its characteristics, but I think being wingless gives... Continue Reading →

Lovely S2k

Suzuka Blue is one of those colors that I'm not very fond of amongst the S2000 lineup, but if a car is modified nicely, I guess it can make any color look good. And this Suzuka S2k below definitely looks good! Rockin' a CR edition front lip, an aggressive set of Work XC8 and a... Continue Reading →

Hot Tamale

Here's a special exclusive feature of a stunning wingless Evolution VIII. But before I get into some info on this Evo, I'd like to give a big thanks to my buddy Adam Cha for providing me with these beautiful photos. Looking at the photos below, you can tell that this Rally Red Evo VIII is... Continue Reading →

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