OEM Inspired NSX

It's not often you see a feature of a relatively stock car on this blog, let alone any other automotive blogs out there. But this Formula Red NSX is a head-turning exception. It's rockin' pretty much all OEM pieces, including NSX-R aero and also a set of gunmetal NA2 NSX wheels. If only the NSX... Continue Reading →

The Big Kahuna

The whole package. In the tuning world, this pretty much means a car has the good looks and the go-fast bits to go with it. Well, this black on black Supra below has all that...and then some. It's got that iconic Top Secret exterior, upgraded twin-turbo setup and those BBS LMs...yummmmmm...and did I mention this... Continue Reading →

Classy Lexus

Keeping things simple and clean, here's a classy Lexus IS300 with a bit of VIP flavor mixed in with a dose of sportiness.

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