Surisly JDM Subie

Here’s another MoMoHitsTheSpot! Exclusive feature of a very special Subaru. This bug-eye WRX below is actually owned by a friend of mine but the special thing about this car is that all work was done by the owner himself, including the RHD conversion. That’s right, this is a RHD subie, and with all the right JDM fixings. For starters, this Subie is rockin’ a full C-west kit minus the rear aprons, a set of Advan RCII, and even a Spec-C roof vent! The interior, as you can tell by the RHD conversion, is also full of JDM goodies, most notably, the iconic set of Bride seats and Takata harnesses. Finishing off the interior with a roll-cage, you know that this car sees time on the track, but it also does time at the local shows and winning trophies as well. This is truly a versatile car!

Photos by Rodney Moenadi

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