Hot Tamale

Here’s a special exclusive feature of a stunning wingless Evolution VIII. But before I get into some info on this Evo, I’d like to give a big thanks to my buddy Adam Cha for providing me with these beautiful photos. Looking at the photos below, you can tell that this Rally Red Evo VIII is rockin’ some pretty legit parts and there were no short cuts in this build. From the exterior to the interior, and to the engine bay, this car just screams JDM! On the exterior, the owner, Roel Garza Jr., decided to go with the beautiful C-west front bumper, and side skirts that flows nicely with the JDM rear bumper and Voltex diffuser. Of course, the limited edition CE28s also complements the car nicely. And on the interior side of things, Roel decided to keep things simple with a set of Bride reclining buckets, Sparco steering wheel, and other carbon fiber pieces. I can’t say it enough, but this is truly a beautiful Evolution. One that truly ‘defends authenticity’.

Photos by Adam Cha of TYC Photography

For more photos by TYC Photography, please visit the Facebook link HERE

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