Advan RZ-DF Equipped NSX…..Game Over.

Game. Set. Match. A rare car matched up with a set of rare wheels… pretty much spells ‘game over’ for all enthusiasts alike. First off, there’s the Acura NSX, with a production number in the neighborhood of 8000 cars over a period of 15 years, it’s safe to say that ‘limited production’ is an understatement. Then there are the wheels, Advan RZ-DF, Advan’s only forged design throughout its entire wheel lineup. I’m pretty confident that there’s probably less than 10 sets of these floating around the U.S. soil at this point. Why the scarce number? It’s quite simple actually, priced at over $1000 per wheel, your pockets have to be pretty deep to afford them. I must say, I’m a bit jealous of Ginash George aka Synth19 due to the fact that he owns one of my favorite cars of all time, and now he also owns one of my favorite set of wheels of all time…..

Photos by Synth19

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